Distance Learning Information

Here is some information to help you during our transition to Distance Learning.
District Corona Virus Information

Words of Wisdom form Coach Mathis

  1. Choose a course for each day to work in
  2. Complete the work in that course on that day.
  3. Pick days for each core course – 4 days.
  4. Set a start and end time for each day.
  5. Use Friday’s as a make-up day for work that was not completed on the assigned day.
  6. Use Friday as a notes review and revision day
  7. Electives can be completed on the day you have extra time or on Friday.
  8. If all work is completed and revision and review, give the rest of Friday off as a reward for hard work.
  9. Be patient with the students and do not push them beyond the set start finish times on set days, unless the student’s choose to work.
  10. Weekends are just that, a time to rest and relax.

Logging In Visual Guides

Suggested Daily Schedule

Other Helpful Hints