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Infinity is a blended learning classroom offered to students in 6th through 8th grade. The Infinity class combines online, face-to-face, and student paced learning. This blended learning program will allow students to accelerate their courses, work at their own pace, while receiving individualized support. The curriculum is computer based through the Pasco e-School curriculum. All students selected for the Infinity program will be issued a computer for their academic use at school and at home. This computer will serve as the student’s textbook and will be used for work submission. 

Students best suited for the Infinity Program are those who are eager to learn and motivated to excel. We do not have a minimum test score requirement, but there is a lot of reading involved in course advancement, so we recommend that students have a solid reading foundation. There is also a lot of flexible pacing and small group work available for students, so those who are high achieving in one subject area, but not quite as high in another, can benefit from this flexibility and can dedicate extra time to difficult subjects.

We also celebrate student achievement and hard work by going on field trips, hosting team picnics, participating in our own field day, and collaborating in groups to compete in house-based challenges. This is an important part of our Infinity culture and brings students together with their peers in different grade levels and gives everyone something fun to look forward to.

Thank you for your consideration, and please reach out to Ms. Brittney Dean, if you have any questions!